Remote meter reading system

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is the key technology of today's water supply systems, power grids and remote meter reading systems using telephone, radio or "Power line" connections.

We always provide you with the very best available Internet of Things (IoT) technology (the hardware) suited to your particular needs and budget. Our energy monitoring solutions consist of reliable, flexible and proven products that enable advanced metering and data collection and include wireless M-Bus, M-Bus OMS, Mod-Bus, LoRaWAN and NB-IoT technology.

Our remote meter reading system sends consumption data on an hourly basis to our server via Ethernet, GSM or wi-fi. Our custom-made web application AMR Emasys presents this data to you in easy-to-read formats so you can monitor consumption at any time of day.

The needs of our clients are at the centre of our business strategy, which is why we offer system maintenance services and ongoing customer support alongside the energy monitoring system. Maintenance services include regular annual services as well as emergency intervention and problem solving. We also carry out other maintenance activities outside the scope of regular annual maintenance upon request. We continue to monitor the system through our web app to ensure the system’s proper functioning and we offer advice and recommendations and alert you to any abnormalities in your consumption data should they occur.

We want to make sure you reap the benefits of energy and water monitoring.