As much as 40% of all energy consumed by humanity relates to buildings. In the Republic of Croatia the building sector actually represents the sector with the greatest potential for energy savings based on increasing the rate of retrofit of existing buildings, with an emphasis on public sector buildings which, given their visibility in public life, should serve as a model for implementing energy efficiency measures.

According to the government's draft of the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan for the Republic of Croatia for the period 2021 - 2030, three key energy efficiency retrofit programs from the previous plan (2014-2020) are expected to continue: multi-residential buildings, family homes and public sector buildings. The programs aim to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy and water consumption and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. As funding is the most common obstacle, energy retrofits will continue to be co-financed from EU funds, and calls for project proposals will be published during 2020 - 2021.



Which activities can be included in an energy retrofit project will depend on the call for project proposals or tenders:

  • window and exterior door replacements,
  • exterior wall upgrade (thermal insulation),
  • installation of systems for the use of renewable energy resources such as solar thermal converters - collectors (solar panels), wood chip/pellet systems (biomass boilers), heat pumps and photovoltaic converters/panels),
  • centralization and modernization of heating systems with the deployment of renewable energy resources,
  • centralization and modernization of cooling and ventilation systems alongside the use of renewable energy resources,
  • centralization and modernization of domestic hot water heating systems with the use of renewable energy resources,
  • lighting modernization
  • measures to reduce water consumption,
  • installation of automation, measuring, regulation, monitoring and management systems.

During the planning and design of an energy retrofit project, it is useful to include the installation of a system for automatically collecting, displaying and managing energy consumption (electricity, gas, steam, fuel oil) and water. Application conditions often include a commitment to the sustainability of project results. What could be better than the fact that by installing a remote metering and monitoring system you will be able to:

  • continuously manage energy and water consumption
  • be notified immediately of unexpected water losses
  • introduce additional measures based on actual consumption data at different times of the day or on different days of the week,
  • encourage positive changes in the behavior of employees, household members, residents or tenants
  • notice when previous measures are no longer effective due to system malfunctions or when the system becomes dated.


You will always be one step ahead with a monitoring system!


Once a main project plan with has been prepared with accompanying cost estimate, one can start collecting offers from potential contractors for individual parts of the project or for the project as a whole.

Emasys d.o.o. has many years of experience as a contractor or subcontractor for the installation of automatic metering and monitoring system on energy retrofit projects and can offer:

  • supply and delivery of system parts
  • electrical installation works
  • connecting, programming and parameter setting of the remote metering system
  • connecting the remote metering system with our software application for monitoring (AMR Emasys) and / or
  • integration with the ISGE system for public sector clients
  • E-panel (on-site public screen displaying live consumption data)
  • data transfer
  • preparation of technical “as-built” documentation with relevant certificates
  • user training.



  • DV Latica - Osijek
  • Medicinski fakultet -  Rijeka
  • Općina Kloštar Ivanić – Ivanić-Grad
  • OŠ Antun Mihanović – Osijek
  • OŠ Donja Dubrava - Međimurje
  • OŠ Grigor Vitez – Osijek
  • OŠ Hodošan - Međimurje
  • OŠ Pehlin – Rijeka
  • OŠ Varaždinske Toplice – Varaždin County
  • PPO Vidrice - Rijeka
  • PŠ Gornje Ladanje – Varaždinska  County
  • PŠ Karanac – Beli Manastir
  • Sportski centar Nova Ves – Varaždinska County
  • Srednja škola "Arboretum opeka" Marčan – Varaždinska County
  • OŠ Draškovec – Međimurje