New metering service for gas suppliers!

Imagine you can get daily consumption data automatically transmitted from your customer’s metering location directly to ROMM (Register of billing metering points). Well that's exactly what we are offering!


Since October 2018 gas suppliers in Croatia are obliged to enter metering data into ROMM, a register set up and managed by HROTE (the Croatian Energy Market Operator).

If you are a gas supplier and have been manually entering your users’ daily gas consumption data in the Register, this new service is meant for you!


So what does our turnkey solution for gas suppliers look like?

  We install our advanced metering system to your customers’ main billing meter, the data of which you are expected to enter into HROTE’s register.

  Our system sends hourly meter readings to our AMR Emasys software where the data is processed and automatically forwarded to HROTE’s system as per its requirements.

  We continuously monitor our metering system and intervene in case of failure and guarantee one regular annual service.

  We also take care of data non-delivery issues and any related fines from HROTE.


Current users of our service are your colleagues from the following companies:

  • Darkom distribucija plina d.o.o.
  • Pakrac-PLIN d.o.o.
  • Plin d.o.o. Garešnica