usluge energetskog menadžmenta u teškim vremenima

Reduce costs and unlock financial resources: energy and water management

While business owners face great challenges and try to find ways to survive this crisis, Emasys d.o.o. offers energy and water management solutions.

Systematic energy management is just one area where business owners can cut costs and unlock financial resources for other purposes… and it doesn’t have to involve a huge initial investment.

The ultimate goal of energy and water management is to minimize energy consumption while ensuring the same level of productivity.

To manage energy and water efficiently it is necessary to monitor energy (electricity, gas, fuel oil, etc.) and water consumption via an advanced metering infrastructure, which allows you to automatically read meters in real time, meaning that you can get detailed consumption data every day, every hour or even more often. By analysing this data you will most certainly be able to establish normal and excessive consumption in your facility (s), identify leaks and routine energy wastage and quantify energy-saving opportunities.

Emasys d.o.o. offers turnkey solutions for energy and water management as well as reliable and ongoing support. We offer an advanced metering system alongside energy management software for data collection and analysis and processing as a monthly service (at a monthly flat rate).

This solution includes:

• Installation of an automatic meter reading system
• System commissioning and testing
• Data transmission service
• Access to data through our application (Emasys AMR) and user education;
• Maintenance of metering system and application.



We implement customized advanced metering solutions in order to reduce energy and water consumption for higher operational efficiency and business competitiveness and for a greener future.