Monitoring outdoor air quality

Advanced outdoor air quality monitoring gives local authorities, researchers and citizens the tools and data so they can make more informed decisions for a sustainable future.

Local monitoring for strategic planning

Our sensors (fixed or mounted on vehicles) facilitate local data collection in your area. This network of sensors provides precise, location-specific information, allowing you to make decisions about your environment and strategic plans.


What data is measured?

Temperature (°C)

Air humidity (rH)

Air pressure (bar)

Particles in the air (PM1, PM2.5, PM10)

Volatile organic compounds (VOC)

Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Carbon monoxide (CO)

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)

Nitric oxide (NO)

Ozone (O3)

Sulfur dioxide (SO2)

Noise (dB)

Solar radiation (W/m2)

Wind speed and direction (km/h)

Amount of precipitation (cm)

Together we can make a difference and breathe easier

For a healthier environment