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Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets.
All your energy data in one place.
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Achieve your goals

Easier monitoring of energy and water consumption

Automate manual meter reading and create a powerful database with frequent and regular readings processed and displayed in one place.

Reduced environmental impact

By consuming less water and fossil fuels, you contribute to the conservation of natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Greater energy efficiency

Identify routine losses and unnecessary consumption, introduce measures to eliminate inefficiencies and detect losses early by setting alarms for overconsumption.

Cost savings

Efficient energy and water management naturally leads to significant monetary savings: quantify them and use the savings to implement larger energy efficiency projects.


Take control of your energy
and water consumption

The proactive and continuous process of monitoring and controlling actual energy and water consumption.
AMR systems collect consumption data in real time resulting in more detailed analyses, greater accuracy and better decisions.
A web application, certified in accordance with ISO 50001, to store, process and analyse actual and historical consumption data.
A display with consumption data and a range of saving tips to encourage positive changes in employee and visitor behavior.
Smart solutions for water supply system monitoring (billing, abstracted quantities, DMAs and PMAs, and non-revenue water losses).
Automatic meter reading of customers’ main meters for billing purposes and data transfer to the Register of billing metering points (ROMM).
Tailor-made solutions for optimizing energy and water consumption and energy systems in production processes.
Installation of advanced metering systems that increase the energy efficiency of buildings.
// About us

Your advanced metering partner

Emasys simplifies and increases efficiency of business operations while increasing the business competitiveness of its customers by implementing customized automatic metering solutions which allow for systematic monitoring of energy and water consumption and more efficient energy and water management for a greener future.

Technological neutrality

Optimal technical solutions using available IoT technologies

High quality services

ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 50001 certified

cities throughout Croatia

We do business with clients from the public and private sector throughout Croatia from Rovinj to Osijek and from Čakovec to Dubrovnik.

very satisfied users

Facility or building managers, energy managers, energy service companies (ESCO), energy and water suppliers, construction designers and contractors reap the benefits of our solutions.

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What our customers say

Emilia Clarke
Marko Velnić
GP Krk d.d.
"We are extremely pleased with our cooperation with Emasys d.o.o.. Through a series of prompt interventions and the expansion of the water consumption monitoring system, we achieved annual savings of approximately HRK 100,000. The plan is to expand the system to monitor electricity consumption as well."
Emilia Clarke
Robert Holubec
JGL d.d.
"The team of experts at Emasys d.o.o. are ready to assist us at all times with their selfless work and useful advice. Their software’s visual appearance is simple and intuitive, which greatly helps in my work. The application has offered the flexibility and adaptability to fulfill our every need and desire since we have started using it. By monitoring our energy and water consumption through the application we have achieved significant savings. By monitoring consumption waste and losses have been easy to detect. Emasys, keep up the good work!"
Mario Hoško
Studentski centar Varaždin
"A professional, well-informed, friendly and accommodating team for any question, assistance and information required. Their intervention response is timely with prior arrangements and announcements. They perform all necessary preparatory work with related utility companies for the client and carry out the job professionally and quickly. The team monitors the status of the client's metering infrastructure and for each observed anomaly follows up with the client to check for possible malfunctions, which prevents additional unwanted costs. Kudos to the team - keep it up!
Dr. sc. Vanja Stamenković
Botanical Garden, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, University of Zagrebu
"Over the last four years we have sucessfully worked with Emasys, primarily due to their professional approach to solving problems and the enviable quality of their work. The process from start to finish is extremely fast, as is the subsequent delivery of all necessary documents. Apart from the installation of their metering and monitoring system, we also entrusted other electrical works to Emasys. The employees of Emasys company have earned the full trust of the management with their work and I consider our relationship with Emasys a partnership."
Emilia Clarke
Nenad Crnić
Thalassotherapia Crikvenica
"The usefulness of this system was proved to us very quickly as it allows us to independently monitor the situation and, if necessary, intervene on the water supply network. In situations where there is a need for consultation on specific issues, the professionals at Emasys are always available with their competencies and experience.”
Emilia Clarke
Tea Ljiljanić
Irida d.o.o.
“Professional, efficient and fast in finding and executing solutions. Reliable, professional and very affordable service providers. High quality work."
Emilia Clarke
Sonja Skoko
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics
“Emasys d.o.o. is a professional, reliable and professional business partner who it is a pleasure to cooperate with. During our long-term cooperation, all tasks took place according to previously established plans and deadlines. We are happy to extend this successful cooperation.”
Franjo Martinović
Neuropsihijatrijska bolnica "Dr. Ivan Barbot", Popovača
"Our cooperation with Emasys d.o.o., which carries out the maintenance and servicing of our automatic meter reading devices for energy and water consumption monitoring, is at a very high level in terms of expertise, reliability and timeliness."
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