„Together towards EU funds“

„Increasing the competitiveness of EMASYS d.o.o. through the implementation of quality, energy and information security management systems“

The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

My business’s utility bills are too high. How can I reduce them?

My business has to reduce its energy consumption. Where should I start?

There are EU funds for energy renewal projects. What should my project include?

Manual meter readings are time-consuming and error-prone. Is smart metering the way forward?

Energy and water monitoring is the
vital first step towards energy efficiency and cost savings!


  • Get notified immediately of a burst water pipe. Save your business a lot of money by acting promptly to shut off the water supply, identify and carry out the necessary repairs.
  • Identify the presence of leaks in your water system and quantify the cost of those leaks to your company.
  • Locate leakages through in-depth studies.
  • If you are a utility provider, identify and fix leaks in your district’s water system and pass on those cost savings onto your customers.
  • Furthermore, stop manually reading your water meters altogether and free up your employees’ time so they can spend it on more important tasks.


  • Discover an unnecessarily high consumption of electricity and investigate to find its cause.
  • Quantify the cost savings made by reducing unnecessary consumption.
  • Identify peak loads and take steps to ensure your consumption stays within agreed limits at all times.
  • Quantify the cost savings of individual energy saving measures taken such as the installment of energy saving lightbulbs.


  • Analyse your consumption of thermal energy to find out whether your heating/cooling systems are working as efficiently as they could.
  • Track indoor and/or outdoor temperatures to manage your heating/cooling systems accordingly.
  • Identify inefficiencies – underperforming boilers, poor insulation, energy inefficient actions such opening windows in warmer weather rather than turning down the heating – and quantify the cost of those inefficiencies to your company.
  • Discover that your heating/cooling system has been working when not necessary due to a misconfigured or faulty control panel.


  • Be warned immediately of a gas leak in your system.
  • Identify a problem in the production line if consumption of gas or steam is suddenly higher than it was in a previous period (and production levels are the same for both periods), which would indicate a lower level of efficiency.
  • Compare one plant's efficiency with another and identify the cause of any differences in efficiency – newer more efficient machinery, leaks, underperforming boilers and pipe systems.
  • Quantify energy savings made by equipment and machinery upgrades and convert those into equivalent cost savings


  • Educate your employees within your building to become more energy efficient.
  • True savings can be made with a number of small changes multiplied by a larger number of employees.


Our remote energy monitoring system can also:

  • measure consumption of fuel oil, grease, etc.
  • measure production of electrical or thermal energy from solar panels and
  • collect other relevant measurement values such as (temp, rH, flow, pressure, etc.)

It is applicable to a wide-range of sites from the following sectors:

Our coverage:

We have implemented our system for clients throughout Croatia from Osijek to Lošinj and from Varaždin to Dubrovnik.