Billing solutions

With the growing trend of implementing Smart technologies in water supply systems, we offer solutions for automatic collection and processing of meter readings. By installing an automatic meter reading system on main meters and implementing a walk-by and/or drive-by system, water boards can modernize the process of collecting consumption data and enable remote water meter monitoring and problem diagnosis.

Furthermore, the installation of a fixed sub-metering system in multi-apartment buildings or business complexes enables fairer billing based on the actual consumption of each unit. Additionally, we can offer tenants individual consumption monitoring through our AMR Emasys web application so they can better manage their water usage.


Supply system monitoring and non-revenue water reduction

By correctly determining strategic metering points, we create DMA and PMA zones in the water supply system, with which you can monitor flow and losses in parts of your supply system. As part of our overall offer, we offer:

  • the installation, management and maintenance of metering and telemetry systems at pumping stations and other sources of water
  • the transfer of data on abstracted quantities of source water according to the requirements of Hrvatske vode
  • the development of zoning solutions for supply system monitoring
  • the installation of a monitoring system with alarm functionality and
  • a loss detection and remediation programme.
Billing process modernisation

Automatic meter reading systems and submetering

Water supply system regulation

Establishment or improvement of DMAs and loss control programmes

Fulfilment of legal obligations

Automatically measure the quantity of abstracted water

Take control of your water supply system and non-revenue water losses