Software for ISO 50001

Faster and simpler implementation and management of your energy management system, all in one place. Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets.

EMA simplifies energy data management for ISO 50001 certification and system management. The software facilitates energy data planning and monitoring and automates your energy efficiency analysis and audit so you can focus on the real purpose of the system… improving the energy efficiency of your business.

EMA guides you step-by-step to compliance with the ISO 50001 standard, but also to excellence in energy management.

The fastest way to compliance

A simple overview of your energy consumption

Speed up analysis, reporting and audits

Easy energy management

Process management

We guide you through the energy audit and automate the management of energy data in accordance with the standard.


EMASYS EnMS provides you with all the necessary help in documenting the ISO system.


Be prepared for the auditors: open the application where everything is in one place and show your compliance in a few clicks.

Automatic meter reading

We can also automate the collection of consumption data in real time from main meters and submeters.

Energy audit

  • Conduct an energy audit with auxiliary tools
  • View your energy flows through a sankey diagram
  • Identify your Significant Energy Users (SEU)
  • Calculate the individual consumption of machines

Planning and monitoring

  • Set your energy baseline (EnB) and performance indicators (EnPI)
  • Plan your energy goals
  • Track your performance and milestones
  • Estimate future energy consumption

EMA - software for ISO 50001

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Advanced analysis

  • Identify relevant variables through correlation analysis
  • Make more accurate estimates of energy consumption
  • Quickly detect deviations and identify trends in your energy processes
  • Calculate and visualize your savings or losses

Informative dashboard

  • Define the scope and boundaries of the system
  • Get a quick overview of your total consumption
  • Store information about metering points

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Regardless of whether you are just starting out with ISO 50001 or are already a long-term user, our software – EMA – enables you to achieve excellence in energy management with less effort and time.

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