#projektVukovar - sustavno gospodarenje energijom u višestambenim zgradama

Energy Management in Multi-Apartment Buildings

416 measuring devices, 1000+ measurements every 15 minutes in Vukovar Marko Habazin, Project Manager at Emasys d.o.o., talked about the latest project of the Agency for Legal Transfer and Real Estate Brokerage (APN) and about our IoT solution for collecting data on energy and water consumption and air quality. He highlighted the biggest challenges of […]

prednosti praćenja potrošnje sustavom daljinskog očitanja

Benefits from day one!

The benefits of implementing a smart metering system are often seen immediately after, and sometimes during, system installation. Emasys’s goal is to provide customers with all the benefits of our smart metering solution for managing energy and water consumption, the fastest possible return on investment and further financial savings. Therefore, below are the most common […]

Božićni dar brzom detekcijom gubitaka vode

A Christmas gift of 150,00 EUR per day!

Our smart metering system was installed and put into operation just before Christmas and brought a real holiday surprise to its users thanks to its ability to help quickly identify water losses! Detailed data on energy and water consumption at intervals of one hour (or less) provide a very useful insight into consumption patterns that […]

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