Energy data management software - in accordance with ISO 50001

View and analyse energy data in real-time in one place for early detection and rapid response to excessive consumption and system anomalies, for making smart and timely decisions for more efficient energy use based on powerful data and for being able to continuously improve energy efficiency according to ISO 50001.

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Diverse data visualization

AMR Emasys allows you to monitor and analyze consumption at any time of the day for any combination of metrics and for any time period.

  • Graphs* in different resolutions (up to 1 minute interval)
  • Heatmaps* for easier recognition of irregularities
  • Real-time meter reading
  • Data and image export as desired

*Charts in the application are powered by AM Charts.

Useful comparisons

AMR Emasys facilitates the comparison of consumption between two or more energy sources, water or other metric, between two or more metering points and by different time periods. Thanks to the integration of meteorological data, it is possible to compare consumption in relation to the outside temperature. It is also possible to view consumption in relation to the established “alarm” value for the selected meter. You can also assess the success of an energy efficiency renovation project or other energy efficiency measure with pre- and post-implementation data.

Flexible alarms

AMR Emasys allows you to set up monitoring alarms and receive alerts as soon as the allowable consumption is exceeded. AMR Emasys offers a range of different types of alarms for different levels of event severity and system complexity.

AMR Emasys also allows you to monitor the operational behavior of the automatic meter reading system with appropriate problem notifications.

More essential features

What makes us stand out is our team’s commitment to consider every single suggestion for improvement we receive from our clients.

Easy access

AMR Emasys does not require any software installation. The application can be accessed from any computer or smartphone that has internet access.

Hardware independent

Our application is compatible with many leading AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) systems and adapts seamlessly to other systems as needed.

Tailor-made enhancements

We offer you additional customizations, upgrades and connections to other systems (billing systems, SCADA, etc.) to improve your energy and water management system.

Superior customer support

The needs of our clients are the foundation of our business strategy, which is why we offer full application maintenance services and superior customer support. We are here for you and because of you!

The web application is an integral part of our AMR system (cost included in quote), but it is also available as a stand-alone web application. Prices for our “Software as a Service” subscription are listed below.

energy management application

Dynamic cost analysis

Using the “Price input” function, it is possible to enter the unit prices of individual energy resources and water, which allows you to determine the cost of energy and water consumption, quantify monetary savings after the introduction of energy efficiency measures and make future budget decisions based on actual consumption.

Flexible control panel

Our control panel gives a quick overview of your facility’s energy performance. On the control panel it is possible to view consumption of individual metering points in comparison with previous time periods in the form of comparative graphs.

Price list - Software as a Service (SaaS)

Needs-based flexible subscription options

No. of meters1 – 56 – 2021 – 5051 – 100100…
Monthly price per meter12 €10 €8,50 €7 €upon request
No. of users2510upon requestupon request
No. of metersMonthly price per meterNo. of users
1 – 512 €2
6 – 2010 €5
21 – 508,50 €10
51 – 1007 €upon request
100…upon requestupon request

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Whether you’re taking the first step towards a more systematic approach to energy management and need basic functionality or looking for a tailored software to enhance your management system, AMR Emasys is your way to easier energy and water management.

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