Energy and water management

Energy and water management is the proactive and continuous process of monitoring actual consumption of energy and water in a building, plant, site or district in order to make informed decisions on potential improvement areas and then implement measures to reduce consumption which ultimately leads to cost savings.

Energy and water management involves:

  1. measuring your actual energy and water consumption because what you don’t measure cannot be improved
  2. identifying opportunities to save energy and water – wastage is easily identifiable when you have can track and analyse real-time consumption dana
  3. taking action to achieve significant energy savings and therefore costs savings
  4. tracking progress to ensure ongoing improvement with the aim of eliminating all unnecessary energy consumption and to use the savings made to secure the capital you need for bigger improvement projects

Our energy and water management services include:

Metering strategies

Improve your business with our expert consulting services on energy metering strategies and energy data collection.

AMR system

Smart metering - key IoT technology for accurate data collection and worry-free measurement of energy and water consumption.

Energy monitoring software

Monitor consumption in real time, compare energy resources and set alarms with our energy monitoring application.


Showcase real-time information on consumption and provide energy-saving tips to encourage positive changes in employee and visitor behavior.

EMA – software for ISO 50001

Fast implementation and easy management of an energy management system. Achieve energy excellence effortlessly.

Leak detection and repair

Detection and remediation of water, heat and compressed air losses. Loss reduction program in public water supply systems.

Air quality

Demand-controlled ventilation offers energy savings of more than 20%. Visualize air quality in real time with sensors.

Smart solutions

Coming soon

Let us help you simplify your business processes and improve your operational efficiency