Detailed monitoring of energy and water consumption

Our system can collect data on consumption of electricity, gas, steam, thermal energy (heating), fuel oil and water from main and submeters. Consumption can be broken down by building, department, production process or even individual production line for more precision in determining energy and water costs per unit of product as well as per significant energy consumers / users according to your needs.

You can also monitor other vital variables for operational efficiency and process safety such as outdoor or indoor temperature, relative humidity (rH), flow, pressure, door status (open or closed), etc. If you use renewable energy sources, our solution can include measuring energy production in order to better plan energy requirements and quantify savings.

We provide assistance in designing your system and select the best solution for you. We can also offer our system maintenance service so all you have to do is work on consumption efficiency.


Application for energy and water management

Our energy management application presents all your consumption data and other measured quantities in real-time in one place, facilitates their analysis and allows constant monitoring so you can continuously optimize energy and water use and detect critical problems in a timely manner. We make it easier for you to prepare for energy audits or manage an energy management system (ISO 50001).

With our help and support, you can improve energy efficiency and increase productivity by easily identifying routine losses, unnecessary consumption and inefficient equipment or processes, and set alarms to prevent excessive consumption.

More efficient processes

through continuous monitoring

Greater competitiveness

by reducing energy costs and environmental impact

Fulfilment of legal obligations

meet energy and carbon emission targets

Increase profitability by reducing energy consumption and environmental impact