Kontinuirano mjerenje i evaluacija ključno za energetski menadžment

From kilogram to kilowatt

How energy management resembles weight loss

When a company decides to venture into energy management, the initial steps become pivotal for success. Josip Petanović, our director who has been in the field of energy management for many years, often draws an intriguing analogy between energy management and weight loss to underscore the importance of setting clear goals and monitoring progress. While unconventional at first, his story provides a clear picture of the key steps in achieving energy efficiency.

” I like to compare energy management to weight loss,” Josip begins. “I know it might sound odd, but let me explain using my own example so not to offend anyone. I am overweight and I am aware of this. I decide to lose the extra kilos. The first thing I do is weigh myself to assess the severity of the situation.

The importance of measurement

Josip further explains how defining the current state, the so-called “baseline,” is crucial for understanding where we are. “The scales show 110 kg, and without delving into specifics, my desire is to loose at least 10 kilograms by the end of the year. Here I set the goal with a defined timeframe.”

After defining the goal, Josip highlights the importance of the measures that follow: “Next, I implement measures such as adopting a healthier diet and increasing physical activity. Throughout this process, I regularly monitor my weight to track progress. At the end of the designated period, I weigh myself again to assess whether I have met my goal.”

Continuous evaluation: maintaining efficiency

Measurement is the only reliable indicator of the effectiveness of implemented measures,” Josip stresses. “Neglecting this aspect can lead to setbacks. Likewise, maintaining systems such as solar power plants or electric drive systems is crucial for long-term efficiency.”

This analogy clearly demonstrates how establishing a solid foundation and ongoing assessment can lead to significant cost savings and operational optimization in business contexts.



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