Zbog mogućeg prekida Isporuke plina Europska komisija preporučuje smanjivanje potrošnje energije za 15%.

How can your company reduce its gas consumption?

On July 20, 2022, the European Commission announced a preventive energy-saving plan with the help of which EU members can prepare for the potential suspension of Russian gas exports by reducing their gas consumption and thereby keep the economic impact to an average of 0.4% of GDP.

The plan implies voluntary savings measures, but such measures can also positively affect the costs of private and public companies. We would be wise to plan ahead and prepare early for autumn and challenges that await us.

It is a known fact that if the temperature to which a room is heated is reduced by 1˚C, a saving of about 5% of heating energy can be achieved. By reducing the temperature from 23˚C to 20˚C, it is possible to save up to 15% of energy.

We have put together a list of energy efficiency measures and energy saving tips that will help reduce your company’s overall energy consumption. This document is available in Croatian only.

You can of course start saving energy now, which will help reduce pressure on our energy supplies in the heating season. Read our Summer tips for saving energy for more advice.



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