Elvaco products

Emasys is an Elvaco partner!

High-quality products for smart metering, air quality monitoring and much more at competitive prices – Emasys is Elvaco’s partner in Croatia.

Elvaco products for smart metering

Elvaco’s product portfolio extends from sensors to smart metering infrastructure and covers all areas of an effective automatic meter reading (AMR) solution. While high-quality meters from well-renowned manufacturers are known for their precision, reliability and durability, the corresponding AMR modules complement the functionality of the device.

In addition to meter connection modules for mobile networks, there are also products based on M-Bus, wireless M-Bus, LoRaWAN and NB-IoT technology.

Likewise, Elvaco offers infrastructure products, such as gateways that act as a connecting element between all units of the AMR system.

Their comprehensive offer is completed by useful accessories such as antennas, protective enclosures (class IP 55), M-Bus splitters, converters and wireless receiver.

Elvaco sensors

Elvaco offers both indoor and outdoor sensors that are easy to install and provide reliable measurements:

  • air temperature and humidity,
  • light, motion and sound level
  • desk occupancy
  • door openings/closings
  • distance – to determine, for example, the level of water under a bridge or the level of garbage in a container
  • water leakage and
  • air quality – level of CO2 in indoor environments.

The sensors are available with M-Bus or wireless M-Bus communication, as well as with or without display.

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