Božićni dar brzom detekcijom gubitaka vode

A Christmas gift of 150,00 EUR per day!

Our smart metering system was installed and put into operation just before Christmas and brought a real holiday surprise to its users thanks to its ability to help quickly identify water losses!

Detailed data on energy and water consumption at intervals of one hour (or less) provide a very useful insight into consumption patterns that would not otherwise be possible. For example, there is simply no way a weekly or monthly meter reading can show you how much energy or water you are consuming at different times of the day or on different days of the week. A smart metering system and accompanying energy data management software gives you the required level of detail.

Furthermore it is easiest to look for and find energy wastage and water losses during periods when there is usually little or no activity on site, ie at night, at weekends or during collective days off. In this case, it was the Christmas holidays when, due to the company’s collective days off, activity on site was reduced to a minimum.

From the collected data clearly displayed as a heatmap in our energy data management software, it was obvious that a significant amount of water (about 1.8 m3 per hour) was being consumed at the site despite the reduced onsite activity. The user was able to quickly identify and eliminate the causes of the excessive water consumption.

Water leak detection and fixing
Water leak detection and its remediation

So let’s do the maths…

Cost of 1m3 of water = 3,30 EUR

Daily water loss = 43.2m3

Daily cost of water loss = 142,56 EUR

Monthly savings = 4.419,36 EUR

Yearly savings = 53.032,32 EUR

Return on investment = under 3 months



We implement customized advanced metering solutions in order to reduce energy and water consumption for higher operational efficiency and business competitiveness and for a greener future.