Expansion of the telemetry system – an energy efficient renovation project

One of our long-standing clients Neuropsihijatrijska Bolnica dr. Ivan Barbot Popovača has recently embarked on several energy renovation projects funded by the EU. The hospital site of approx. 20.000,00 m2, gross area, is made up of 23 buildings from three buildings of an old 19th Century castle to buildings built in the 1950s and 1980s. Additions to several buildings were made after 1995.

Alongside energy efficient measures relating to lighting and thermal insulation, these EU projects included the expansion of the hospital’s pre-existing AMR system.

The telemetry (or automatic meter reading) system, which Emasys has been managing for over 3 years, now consists of 1 electricity, 8 gas and 3 main water meters, 5 electricity submeters, 9 water submeters and 1 thermal energy metering point. The entire system is based on wireless M-bus protocol and an external active antenna boosts signal strength between the building where it is located and all the individual metering points (some are 650 metres away).

Our system collects consumption data from all these metering points and automatically sends it to the government’s information system for energy management (ISGE) helping the hospital fulfil its legal obligation.

Furthermore, in order to increase people’s awareness, an EE-panel was installed at the emergency department. This LCD monitor displays information on the hospital’s energy and water consumption in real time based on the readings from our system, as well as a series of energy saving tips that encourage employees and users to make small changes in their day-to-day lives.

The system now covers most of the buildings so that management can get a more detailed look at the way utilities move through their site, which makes identifying energy and water inefficiencies much easier.



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