Water losses of water utility company “Vodovod Klinča Sela” reduced from 58% to 26%

Water losses in public water supply systems is a significant and widespread problem in the Republic of Croatia. As part of the Croatian Waters program, the water utility company at Klinča Sela hired Emasys d.o.o. to install a system for monitoring and managing the water supply system of the area and specialist for the detection and remediation of water losses Aquaspecijal d.o.o..

This project included an initial analysis of the state of the water supply system, the findings of which guided the installation of a telemetry system (smart metering) at strategic points of the system. This included three water storage facilities and three intake sources. Consumption data obtained in real time from our telemetry system helped to establish District Metering Areas and identify the most problematic areas. Then the pipes were inspected and tested for leaks and remedial work was carried out where ruptures were found. Finally, the hydraulic structures were optimized. As a result the biggest losses were addressed, which brought total non-revenue losses down from 58% to 26%.

A more detailed article on this case appeared in the Croatian Waters’ magazine “Hrvatska vodoprivreda” (pg. 24 – 27).



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