Botanički vrt

It only took two weeks to save 11m3 of water a day at Zagreb’s Botanical Garden

Water savings: 11m3 a day
Annual savings: 13.855,40 EUR

The site and the client’s requirements

Covering an area of 5 hectares, the Botanical Garden in Zagreb, founded in 1889, is part of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and is a protected monument of garden architecture and cultural heritage – the Garden is part of a significant complex of parks and squares in Zagreb’s lower town known as the Lenuci Horseshoe.

Over the past fifteen years the Garden has been undergoing renovation of all its main features and more recently measures have been taken to increase the site’s energy efficiency. These works are part of the government’s efforts to encourage efficient energy and water management at all public sector sites and buildings where energy consumption is higher than 700,000.00 Kuna a year (as specified in the Law on Energy Efficiency, NN 127/14).

Our solution and its benefits

Emasys d.o.o. installed its monitoring system, which consisted of 4 electricity, 2 gas and 2 water metering points. As soon as the first data from the remote meter reading system came through it was apparent that water consumption was higher than expected (primarily at night), which was the first indicator that there was a substantial unjustified loss of water on site. Emasys d.o.o. was hired to locate the leakage and carry out any remedial work necessary on the site’s water supply system.

Within two weeks of the system going live, water consumption at the Botanical Garden was reduced by 11m3 a day. In monetary terms that equates to savings of 37,96 EUR a day, 1.176,76 EUR a month and 13.855,40 EUR a year. Today these savings are being invested in the ongoing restoration and refurbishment of the Garden itself.



We implement customized advanced metering solutions in order to reduce energy and water consumption for higher operational efficiency and business competitiveness and for a greener future.