bijelo-keramički umivaonici sa slavinom za vodu sa sjajnim nehrđajućim čelikom

Monitoring energy and water consumption across multiple sites

Average loss of drinking water: 14.4m3 per day 
Cost saving: at least 15.000 HRK

DV Osijek runs 27 kindergartens in Osijek, a central kitchen and an administrative building with 3025 users and 445 employees. With the installation of Emasys’ advanced metering system incorporating almost 100 metering points at 10 of its sites our client significantly simplified facility maintenance because the system:

  • monitors water and energy consumption remotely without the need for reading meters in person and inputting the data into a spreadsheet manually
  • gives the client access to data at any time in real time.

The advantages of an advanced metering system

By analyzing daily data on actual water, electricity, gas and thermal energy (heating) consumption, DV Osijek was able to track regular and irregular consumption at its sites. In particular it was easier to detect increased consumption outside working hours – the most frequent cause being leaking faucets and toilet cisterns. The client then set up various alarms based on the observed “normal” consumption values and successfully reduced reaction time to such losses from a few days to 2 – 4 hours.

What happened when a pipe burst

The system proved its value further in early May 2019 when the system registered consumption of drinking water of 200l/h and alerted the client. Over the next three days, consumption increased to 500l/h and by the time the source of the leak (an underground pipe rupture with no visible signs) was found and fixed, the average loss of drinking water was 14,400 liters (14.4m3) per day.

The water leak at the kindergarten

The process of detection, reaction and pipe repair was significantly shortened thanks to the solution’s alert function. It can be assumed that, due to the inaccessibility of the water meter in question and the absence of visible signs of a leakage, the leak itself would have gone undetected until the end of the month when the water bill arrived or possibly longer if the bill had been based on an estimated reading.

With Emasys’s advanced metering infrastructure, DV Osijek’s facilities manager saved 15,000.00 HRK, at the very least.



We implement customized advanced metering solutions in order to reduce energy and water consumption for higher operational efficiency and business competitiveness and for a greener future.